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Celtic Reconstructionist forum

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Celtic Restorationist/Reconstructionist Paganism
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Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism

New Member Reading Test - or, Before you try to join the community, read this:

In response to trollish attacks this community has been put on a moderated membership status. This means that all new members must be approved by the moderators before they can have posting access to the community.

Important note: If you have a new account with no friends that we recognize, fewer than 20 posts we can look at (in a language at least one of us can understand) and/or no community memberships, you must send the moderators an email telling us about yourself or your membership will be denied. We don't want to be tight about this, but our job is to protect the community from trolls, and we don't have the time to do a web search to find your profiles on Yahoo or wherever else they may be. If this description fits you and no introductory note has been received by the moderators within 24 hours, your application will be rejected. Repeated applications will get less and less time allotted until your re-application will result in you being banned from the community. If you are worried that this might affect your application, be safe and send a note.

Rules: Unfortunately, recent events have made it clear that we need to expand our statement of intent to include specific rules. We trust that we will not have to expand these rules again.
  • While we do not intend to enforce orthodoxy, we do require citations if you make a claim that something is attested to in the lore or if you make a claim that contradicts known lore.
  • There will be no discussions of other religions - especially in a negative, disparaging way - save where they directly affect CR/R. No exceptions.
  • Members must treat one another with respect. If you've come here looking for a fight, you are in the wrong place. Trolls will be promptly banned.
  • Discrimination against and/or disparagement of others based on their age, gender, sexual or political orientation, or the ethnic/racial group they belong to will get you banned. You have now received your first, and only, warning.

Celtic Restorationist/Reconstructionist (CR) Paganism is an attempt by many people to rebuild/restore a native Celtic paganism, without an overlay of Wicca or Christianity, while still remaining true to what we know of Celtic culture and traditions. We're trying to do this while still making it relevant to the way the world works today. For an introduction to the concepts and philosophy of CR paganism, this FAQ is an excellent resource.

While we recognize there are other Celtic and Celtic-style traditions and paths out there, they are not topics for discussion in this forum, save for talking about how they do and do not relate to CR. We will not accept any attempts at proselytizing members of this forum to any other spiritual path.

Your moderators (who live in continual hope that their services won't be needed) are:

Some CR regional groups have also been started up on LJ. The ones we know of are:

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